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Cadbury Canada Workshop and Keynote
Food Keynote Speaker

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche delivered the food keynote at Cadbury Canada Workshop and Keynote in Toronto on November 11, 2010.
This was the second time Jeremy has been asked to present his Consumer Product Speech to the members of Cadbury. Following the presentation of his Consumer Product Speech, Jeremy worked closely with the participants of the event during an innovation workshop. During the workshop, Jeremy put a great deal of emphasis on the importance of customer obsession. Borrowing concepts from his book, he outlined why it's imperative for companies and businesses to talk with their customers, as opposed to talking to their customers. In doing so, companies will develop a much clearer understanding of what it is their customers are looking for in products and services. Cadbury is just one of several large companies that have hired Jeremy to share his insight and compelling research at events and conferences.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Speech