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Innovation Keynotes  >  Feb 25, 2013  >  Miami  >  National Confectioners Association

NCA's 2013 State of the Industry Conference
Food Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche delivered the food keynote at NCA's 2013 State of the Industry Conference in Miami on February 25, 2013.

Jeremy Gutsche’s Confection Trends Keynote dives into the latest developments in the world of candy. He traces changes in various products, marketing ideas and campaigns to find the most effective innovations that have made a lasting impression among consumers. This method of trend-spotting is essential for sparking creativity and generating new ideas. By looking towards these inspirational sources, business leaders can understand the current market, and build from this information.

Jeremy Gutsche started Trend Hunter in 2006, and has since built the platform into the world’s largest trend-hunting site. He is a guru on innovation and searching for the next big thing, and uses his experience from Capital One also to convey anecdotes and educate his audience on the process of innovation. His Confection Trends Keynote goes over his methodology and reviews adjustments within the candy industry.

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