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The Executive Development Session
Retail Keynote Speaker

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche delivered the retail keynote at The Executive Development Session in Bentonville on June 17, 2013.
Jeremy Gutsche's retail innovation keynote teaches audiences how to filter through the increasing distractions within today's retail industry. Jeremy shares his expert tips when it comes to finding inspiration in a market that is becoming more connected and intertwined than ever before. He provides audiences with the tools they need to sift through the information overload and identify new opportunities.

Borrowing from his award-winning book 'Exploiting Chaos,' Jeremy reviews case studies of various companies that witnessed their downfall as a result of complacent behavior and the inability to identify new opportunities and unlock opportunity. He instructs audiences on how to avoid similar fates.

His retail innovation keynote also focuses on the consumer and how brands can truly connect with their clientele in today's chaotic market. He then takes it one step further by demonstrating how these consumer connections enable businesses to innovate.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Speech