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CGTA Spring Toronto Gift Show
Retail Keynote Speaker

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche delivered the retail keynote at CGTA Spring Toronto Gift Show in Toronto on January 30, 2011.
This was the third time the CGTA invited Jeremy to present his Business Strategy Keynote at one its provincial events. Jeremy is the ideal speaker for events organized by the CGTA, as they host a large number of entrepreneurs within the gift and retail industry. As an entrepreneur himself, Jeremy explained effective strategies to stimulate creativity and generate breakthrough ideas. During the presentation of his Business Strategy Keynote he demonstrated how a small idea can transform into something revolutionary. Gutsche started in 2006, a website that covers the latest innovations in a wide range of industries. By staying ahead of the latest innovations, companies are able to grow despite unstable conditions. Gutsche honed in on these points during his Business Strategy Keynote.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Speech