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2014 Univision Conference
Communications Keynote Speaker

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche delivered the communications keynote at 2014 Univision Conference in Las Vegas on November 20, 2014.
Jeremy Gutsche's 2014 communications innovation keynote explores the importance of breaking free from the traditional business methods applied today. His keynote dives into the ways successful companies can become too comfortable with and dependent on past achievements.

Companies like Kodak, Smith Corona and Blockbuster were once massively successful companies. However, when presented with opportunities to evolve, adapt and take on new challenges, these brands took a step back, all the while their competitors took steps forward.

Borrowing concept and case studies from his upcoming book 'Better and Faster,' Jeremy shows brands how can they motivate their employees to become more open to change and comfortable with change.

Those companies that approach challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles will succeed in today's chaotic and unpredictable market. Jeremy's keynote empowers and inspired people to become the most adaptable and competitive version of themselves.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Speech