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2016 Cisco Systems Partner Summit
Technology Keynote Speaker

Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche
Jeremy Gutsche delivered the technology keynote at 2016 Cisco Systems Partner Summit in San Diego on March 3, 2016.
Award-winning author Jeremy Gutsche gives his 2016 technology innovation keynote to help the audience members ignite big ideas. Inspired by his New York Times bestselling book, ‘Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas,’ Gutsche’s presentation outlines six patterns of opportunity to foster creativity and––ultimately––success in business.

Within the technology industry, there are many untapped possibilities for systems and products that can benefit from Acceleration, Convergence and Divergence, to name a few of Jeremy Gutsche’s key patterns. With stimulating case studies and an enthusiastic presentation style, the speaker teaches his listeners the most efficient routes to realizing their full potential. The lessons learned from examples like Smith Corona and Kodak, combined with Gutsche's framework, will mean that opportunities will no longer be overlooked.
Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche Speech