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Innovation Keynote by Jeremy Gutsche - Trend Hunter CEO's 30 Minute Keynote Vid

Jeremy Gutsche delivered the keynote at Innovation Keynote by Jeremy Gutsche - Trend Hunter CEO's 30 Minute Keynote Vid in on December 26, 2010.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve given about 150 innovation keynote speeches around the world, but in all that time, I never had the chance to release a 30 minute innovation keynote video online. 

Most of my delay was driven by the fact that I’ve never had a full video that also included the video to my slides slides.  And I do love my slides… So I’m ecstatic to finally have this keynote video online!

This innovation keynote speech was for 1,200 folks from Meetings Professional International in Cancun. The topic was a sample of several keynotes I perform, which are normally titled, Exploiting Chaos, Creating a Culture of Revolution and Infectious Marketing.

Thanks for watching… and if you’re looking for more, visit my innovation keynote site.

Trends Keynotes - Better and Faster Preview Keynote Speech
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Better and Faster Preview
Trends Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche delivered the trends keynote at Better and Faster Preview in Toronto on August 21, 2014.

Jeremy Gutsche’s innovation keynote speech will be presented at the Trend Hunter headquarters in Toronto, Ontario in front of nearly 100 clients and special guests. Joining Jeremy on stage will be Trend Hunter’s very own team, deep diving into specific research curated by the company’s writers and research advisors.

The keynote and accompanying presentations will offer guests insight into the services provided by Trend Hunter as well as a preview of Jeremy’s upcoming book ‘Better and Faster.’

Hearing from the team’s President Shelby Walsh, its Research Manager Jonathon Brown, its Business Development Manager Taylor Keefe, its Research Advisors Armida Ascano and Courtney Scharf, its Research Experts Sarah St. Jules, Thomas West, Gil Haddi and its Senior Editor Jaime Neely, the audience will deep dive into every facet of the brand’s innovative research methods and forward-thinking content.

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