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An Afternoon with Jeremy Gutsche
Agriculture Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche delivered the agriculture keynote at An Afternoon with Jeremy Gutsche in Omaha on March 21, 2013.

In business, companies must constantly keep their finger on the pulse of change, and Jeremy Gutsche’s Business Innovation Keynote helps companies harness these continual shifts in the industry. He is an expert in innovation, and after starting Trend Hunter in 2006 has been helping businesses in a variety of sectors keep up with new ideas that surround us on a daily basis. Gutsche finds patterns across these ideas, which can be examined to find various business opportunities. Trend Hunter helps leaders “filter through the noise” in order to focus strategies and understand specific innovations.

Jeremy Gutsche’s Business Innovation Keynote covers these topics and more. He was once described by Association Week as an “intellectual can of Red Bull,” and continues to help businesses with the process of innovation.

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