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Schwarzkopf Professional Australia Annual Conference
Beauty Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche delivered the beauty keynote at Schwarzkopf Professional Australia Annual Conference in New York on September 2, 2013.

Jeremy Gutsche’s Beauty Innovation Keynote discusses how brands within this industry can stay ahead of the mainstream trends and reach a broader audience. He dives into the importance of understanding the culture that surrounds your company, as well as how to appeal to certain consumers. Jeremy’s main point of advice during this keynote is how culture eats strategy for breakfast. A strategy is only productive if it works off a cultural’s values and preconceptions, otherwise there is a higher chance of these methods falling flat and failing. By first understanding one’s target demographic and sculpting one’s strategy around this, companies have a higher chance of success. Gutsche uses his experience as a Director at Capital One and the CEO of to explain these ideas, and demonstrate his theories in practice.

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