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Jeremy Gutsche Jeremy Toronto, Canada Keynote Keynotes
Trend Report Urgency Learn how companies like Cadbury, General Mills and Petsmart rely on Jeremy to align their focus...
ABOVE: Workshop Testimonials
"A great presentation on innovation, integrating our strategies on how we can think differently and how we can really connect towards the future and generate fantastic ideas for the brand."
- John Alpaugh, Chief Marketing Officer

Innovation Workshops

With a background in management consulting and success at the cutting edge of innovation, Jeremy's innovation workshops bring a rare perspective on how to unleash innovation within a business context.

His innovation workshops help companies prioritize critical areas for innovation, find opportunity in chaos, and infectiously market new products. For workshop clients, Jeremy typically performs a 1 hour keynote followed by a 1-3 hour workshop focused on the company's most important strategic questions.

CLIENTS: General Mills, Merck, InterContinental Hotels, Mars, Petsmart, Rogers, Mattel, Cadbury, Nestle-Purina, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The Calgary Stampede, Turner Broadcasting, Gore Financial, Cogeco Cable, Calgary Economic Development, Kansas City Economic Development, entrepreneurial start-ups, municipalities, hospital associations, universities, school boards. For launch campaigns, Trend Hunter's client list includes: Verizon, Sprint, American Express, Gillette, Microsoft, Sony, Dell, Yahoo, GM, HP, Blackberry, Toyota, Yves St. Laurent and President Obama.

"Jeremy is the most innovative speaker we've had and he inspired our group to look at our business differently. The feedback from participants was the most positive we've ever had on a speaker. In addition to the keynote, we hired Jeremy to lead a workshop with our executive team. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and what followed was the most creative session we've ever had. I don't think our team would have achieved the insight we did had it not been for Jeremy. He helped us sharpen our focus on some key strategic initiatives which will lead to game-changing results. As if that wasn't enough, he even got us featured on CNN."
- Kevin McNeil, CEO, Gore Mutual

"We hired Jeremy to inspire us and lead a workshop for our innovation team. Our team's high level of success means that we have a very high bar and high expectations. However, Jeremy hit the ball out of the park with his energy, insights and his ability to customize the workshop. We've been raving about Jeremy around the office, which is unusual behavior after these types of events. One of our leaders said this was 'the most inspiring offsite in seven years!'"
- Linda Lee, Director, Cadbury


STRATEGY WORKSHOPS - How to Reinvent for 2015
Jeremy helps leaders to identify opportunities and critical roadblocks to their success. He then develops vivid scenarios that focus specifically on those critical points of innovation. Participants finish our workshops with prioritized areas of focus, tactical next steps and strategies to implement change. More importantly, they finish with a toolkit of ideas they can take back to their teams to focus on opportunity and motivate change.

Micro-trends and viral innovations surround us, but once you layer on your customers, competitors and strategy, it becomes difficult to make sense of all the noise. Jeremy helps leaders implement cutting edge frameworks to filter opportunity and identify emerging trends in our chaotic world. These workshops can build upon client insights, or leverage external examples to help illustrate new techniques. Key takeaways include: a toolkit on how to filter ideas, next steps for innovation and a renewed motivation to change the world.

INFECTIOUS MARKETING - Viral Marketing Campaigns and Social Media
With 60,000,000 monthly views, Trend Hunter is a proven leader in the heart of the viral blogosphere. We are on the cutting edge of social media and want to help your organization create viral campaigns. We not only help to develop viral campaigns, we own the platform to actually launch them.

Instead of booking a keynote or a structured workshops, some clients like GORE Mutual, Cogeco Cable and Calgary Economic Development have booked Jeremy for informal discussions with their executive teams and/or board of directors. In these unstructured settings, Jeremy can act as an idea catalyst, conversing about methodical innovation, creating a culture of innovation, infectious marketing and social media.

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