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Jeremy Gutsche Jeremy Toronto, Canada Keynote Speaker

Innovation Conference Extras

Unlike with any other innovation keynote, when you book Jeremy for your event, you are tapping in to the world's largest network for trend spotting with 233,935 members, 20,000,000 monthly views, 221,508 Twitter followers, 2,000,000 Facebook fans and 100,000 newsletter subscribers. If requested, Jeremy uses that network to help curate free content for your attendees and market your event. Below are some of the most popular 'extras':

$500 of Free Extras for All Attendees - Jeremy will customize a link for your event that includes $500 of free trend research, videos, flashcards, and his innovation keynote presentation.

Free eBook for All Attendees - Jeremy's award-winning book is now available as a free ebook with embeded keynote videos for your attendees and their teams. Check it out HERE.

Twitter / Newsletter / Blog Marketing - Upon request, Jeremy can tweet about your event to tens of thousands of followers, and announce it to 100,000 newsletter subscribers. In addition, he can provide a 90% discount on any additional blog marketing and articles you might want to create.

Custom Trend Sites - Choosing from more than 75,000 trends, Jeremy can curate a custom site that includes thousands of articles related to your industry. This site can include your logo, conference materials, pro trends and even THTV videos.

Media Interview - TV, newspapers and association publications love to get a hold of Jeremy to talk about the latest trends. You can use this as a hook to market your conference. If you coordinate any interviews, Jeremy is more than happy to partake and help to promote your event.

Intro Videos / Promotional Materials - Want a custom intro video? Let Jeremy know and he'll send one along with any other promotional materials he might have to give your event a boost. This sort of intro comes free with booking Jeremy as he loves to help you promote your event.

Intro Video Examples:

World Education Congress (3,000 attendees)
International Marketing Congress, Portugal
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