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Innovation Keynotes  >  Oct 19, 2016  >  Palm Springs  >  Linkage, Inc.

2016 Global Institute for Leadership Development
associations, education, brand, government Keynote

Jeremy Gutsche is scheduled to deliver the associations, education, brand, government keynote at 2016 Global Institute for Leadership Development in Palm Springs on October 19, 2016.

Jeremy’s leadership innovation speech teaches audiences how to transform a brand’s culture. Borrowing content from his award-winning book ‘Exploiting Chaos,’ he offers insight into the strategies and practices implemented by some of world’s most iconic and successful brands.

His speech presents a new image of what today’s modern leader needs to be in order to adapt to and excel in our turbulent market. He shows how a team’s leader can completely transform the mindset of employees and revolutionize the ways they approach problems and new challenges.

As the CEO and founder of, the world’s largest collection of trends with over 1 billion views, Jeremy is a seasoned expert at managing teams and taking performances to the next level. His leadership innovation speech is a highly engaging and educational presentation.

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